Excellence in Wire Harness Manufacturing

You can count on your harness being wired correctly since it is laid out and tested on a standardized layout tie-wrap test fixture. But the quality goes much deeper. It starts with state-of-the-art wire processing and prep equipment. Equipment that cuts, strips, and terminates contacts with precision to prevent nicked wire strands and poor crimps. JIT wire termination equipment utilizes Crimp Quality Monitoring which is able to detect bad crimps - even if there is just one strand missing from the crimp area.

  Now that's quality!

Wire Harness Design Services

JIT engineers specialize in electrical wire harnessing. They can also help in the design of your wire harness by recommending appropriate high-quality, reliable connection systems tailored for your application. Our experts will work with you, using your schematic and model, right in your own facility if you wish.

Wire Harness Component Inventory

JIT stocks a wide variety of connectors, contacts, cable, and wire from the leading manufacturers like AMP, Molex, Panduit, Burndy/Souriau, Northern Technologies, Belden, National, and Madison. If your connector or cable/wire of choice is not on hand, we can supply parts rapidly through our numerous supplier partners.


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