JIT's services are tailored to fit your needs. With the many options available, we are certain you will find a way to get our products into yours in the easiest way possible.


Let JIT kit your complete BOM. Instead of ordering dozens of components and assemblies separately, order 1 kit from JIT. The results are exceptional.

  • Fewer Supplies
  • Fewer PO's
  • Fewer Receipts
  • Fewer Invoices

JIT works with the customer to create custom stocking programs. Place blanket orders and JIT will have the inventory for you when you need it. The JIT Partner Program enables customers to significantly impact the bottom line and take advantage of our broad range of standard services or develop something custom to meet your needs.


Material At Point Of Consumption. We stock our inventory on your production line and you pay for it when you ship your product.

Our people, our inventory in your facility and you pay for what you use -- when you use it.

Our inventory in your facility waiting for you to use it. You pay only as you use it.

Inventory in our facility to be delivered to you as needed.

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