JIT Manufacturing provides solutions to your motion control applications. We specialize in fractional horsepower motors -- steppers, servos, and brushless -- configured to your needs. We furnish custom options for wiring, shielding, connector systems, encoders, gears, pulleys, and more -- all engineered and tested for your application.

Give us a call -- we'll help put your ideas into motion.

Above configurations:

  • Shinano Kenshi stepper motors.
  • 1000 line optical encoders
  • Custom wiring inside motors to winding leads.
  • 3 shielded cables exiting the motors - two of them terminating at an AMP 15 pin DSub IPC connector with a custom very low-profile, right angle exit overmold (using the IPC Vertical injection molding machine) - the encoder signal cable terminating into a single row 4 position AMP Modu connector.
  • Shaft modification for installation of gear (left motor) and encoder disk assembly (right motor).

Above:  A stepper motor with the end cap removed, exposing the windings for removal of the stock wires and addition of a custom shielded cable.  The motor is re-assembled, re-magnetized, and tested for reliability.


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